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 Araceli Queiruga Dios Ascensión Hernández Encinas Mª Jesús Santos Sánchez Juan José Bullón Pérez

Faculty of Sciences University of Salamanca


 LENGTH: 8 hours.

DAY: 31st May & 1st June 2018.

TIMETABLE: 10.00 14.00 h.

PLACE: Room 3, Faculty of...

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Available courses

Teaching/Training/Learning activity as part of the RULES_MATH project.

Will be held in Prague, February, from the 13rd to the 17th.

The project coordinator will lead this output. All the partners will participate in this IO. The tasks division will be arranged during the kick off meeting.

This IO will be closely related to all the tasks and results of the activities suggested for the project, as all of them will be included in the project portal or the learning environment.

This IO has two clearly differentiated parts, which will include, inter alia:

[1] The project portal:

• Internal access for partners.

• Internal communication.

• Project handbook.

• Quality assurance guide.

• Agenda and dissemination events.

• Relevant links for the project.

[2] The learning and assessing environment (interactive platform):

• Standards for assessing competencies in mathematics.

• Resources, contents and tools for a competencies-based assessment.

• Training courses for competencies assessment.

• Publications resulting from the project.

• Relevant links for the project.

• Forum for delivering requests for consultancy.

P6 (CSIC) and P7 (IPC), with P1 will be in charge of the tasks relating to the project handbook and the quality assurance guide that will be part of [1]. These tasks are part of the Activity 1 (Project management) and Activity 2 (Quality assurance).

P2 (STU), P3 (GU), and P7 (IPC) will pay special attention to the dissemination activities, also as

part of [1] and [2].

All the partners will participate in the all the tasks related to Activity 3 and Activity 4, so, they will colaborate in implementing materials and resources for learning and assessing to be included in the learning and assessing environment [2].

The interactive platform will be design to be a hub for mathematics students and trainers, as it will contain assessment aids and tools for each mathematical competencie. Moreover,  training competencies-based courses will be included here, allowing the participation of interested people.