Prof. Daniela Richtarikova is member of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Institute of Mathematics and Physics at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. She they have experience in: Providing mathematics and mathematics related courses at the faculty; development of mathematics curriculum for technical universities (operating on European level within SEFI MWG, doc. RNDr. Daniela Velichova, CSc. is the chair person); educational research dealing with mathematics computer aided teaching and learning, supportive forms of education, using technical applications within mathematics teaching, project learning; computer assisted teaching using software packages (mainly Mathematica, Geogebra, Statgraph, also Matlab and other educational programmes), and e-learning materials developed by the department members; developing web-based electronic courses and e-learning materials covering also xml formatted files with embedded MathML coding of mathematical formulas, practical usage of the webMathematica computational engine on a professional basis; organising conferences and seminars on international level; transnational cooperation within international educational projects in EU programmes.