Luis Hernandez Encinas is a researcher at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC) at the Institute of Physical and Information Technologies (ITEFI), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid (Spain). He obtained his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Salamanca (Spain) in 1992. He has participated in more than 30 research projects. He is the author of 9 books, 9 patents, and more than 150 papers. He has more than 100 contributions to workshops and conferences. He has delivered more than 50 seminars and lectures. Luis is a member of several international committees on cybersecurity. His current research interests include cryptography and cryptanalysis of public key cryptosystems (RSA, ElGamal, and Chor-Rivest), cryptosystems based on elliptic and hyper elliptic curves, graphic cryptography, pseudorandom number generators, digital signature schemes, authentication and identification protocols, crypto-biometry, secret sharing protocols, side channel attacks, and number theory problems.