Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) is a comprehensive, doctoral-awarding institution, combining the academic excellence of a traditional university with professional, career-oriented learning, preparing graduates for productive leadership roles. It has been an integral part of the Irish Higher Education system for more than a century, and continues to occupy a unique position in the landscape. DIT has its own legislation and statutory authority to award all its own qualifications. While it is neither a member of the IUA nor the IoTI, DIT is regularly referred to as a 'university in all but name'.

DIT’s mission is to 'be the first choice in Ireland for people who seek professional, career-focussed learning and discovery in a vibrant environment renowned for the application of research, innovation and creativity'. Its core values emphasize student-centred learning, useful knowledge, rigorous processes of discovery and critical enquiry, and support for entrepreneurship and diversity.

DIT has consistently ranked among the top 3% of all universities in the world. It attracts almost 9% of all undergraduate students, and 5% of all research students in Ireland. During the academic year 2009-2010, there were over 19,000 students and almost 500 research students registered; in 2010 DIT will graduate 54 PhDs. There are currently 720 academic staff teaching at NQAI Level 7 and above. Nearly 18% of undergraduate students in DIT come from outside Ireland, creating a stimulating and culturally diverse learning and research environment. A community of over 800 student and staff researchers are engaged in addressing 21st century challenges, ensuring that DIT plays a vital role in Ireland’s transition to a smart society. Academics and students are committed to making a significant contribution to international knowledge and enhancing Dublin’s role as Ireland’s global gate-way.

Close engagement locally with society and the economy, and international collaborative partnerships are essential components in everything DIT does. In 2010, DIT is participating in research and teaching partnerships with more than 200 world-class companies and academic institutions from around the world. In addition to bilateral institutional links, DIT participates as a full member of the European University Association (EUA) and the International Association of Universities.

DIT has a distinctive approach to teaching and learning that is underpinned by a rigorous, internationally validated, process of continuous quality enhancement. It incorporates practice-based learning, research using real-life issues, internship in the community or industry, service learning and study abroad opportunities, and promotes inter-disciplinarity through modularisation.

Graduates are prepared for global citizenship, capable of adapting to a changing international environment.

DIT currently offers Bachelor qualifications in 130 subjects and 67 taught Masters Programmes. A Structured PhD framework was validated in 2010, and all students will be enrolled on this programme in the future. All taught programmes and postgraduate research are subject to regular review under DIT’s comprehensive Quality Enhancement procedures, which have been operative since the mid-1990s. The EUA undertook a review of quality assurance in 2004 in association with the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI). DIT have hosted an institutional review in 2011 under the auspices of the NQAI.