Gazi University in Ankara (Turkey)

Gazi University is one of the few universities whose history dates back to the 1920s. Right after the declaration of the Turkish Republic, it was decided to establish an institute with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his friends’ initiative. This decision resulted in the establishment of the 'Secondary Teacher Training School and Civility Institute' in 1926. The institute started its educational activities in the building which is now used as the Rectorate Building. The architect of our building was Mimar Kemaleddin. In 1929, the name of the institute was changed to 'Gazi Secondary Teacher Training School and Civility Institute' and it served under this name for many years.

In 1976, it took the name 'Gazi Institute of Education'. In 1982, with the act numbered 2809, this institution was converted to Gazi University. As a matter of fact, this is the continuation of the tradition under a new name which has started with the Republic.

Gazi University, with its 22 faculties, 4 colleges, 1 State Conservatory of Turkish Music, 5 vocational college, 53 research centers and 7 institutes carrying out educational and research activities.

Education is provided in the fields of Education, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Science, Engineering, Architecture, Technology, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Literature, Law, Fine Arts, Art and Design, Tourism, Sports Sciences, Banking and Insurance, Land Registry within the university. Being the national leader in terms of education faculties, Gazi University consists of Faculty of Industrial Arts, Gazi Education Faculty, Faculty of Vocational Education, Faculty of Technical Education, Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Tourism Education.

With 80530 students and 3736 academic staff, Gazi University demonstrates the standards of the world average in terms of the number of students per instructor.