The main objective of the RULES_MATH project is to develop assessment standards for a competencies-based teaching-learning system for mathematics in engineering education.

The aims of the project can be summarize as follows:

(1) To develop a collaborative, comprehensive and accessible competencies-based assessment model for mathematics in engineering context.
(2) To elaborate and collect the resources and materials needed to devise competencies-based assessment courses.
(3) To disseminate the model to European HEIs through the partner networks and also promote the dissemination all over Europe.

The institutions involved in RULES_MATH project have long experience in innovation and they have adapted their degrees to the Bologna Accord. Concerning the target groups to be addressed:

(1) The primary target group of the RULES_MATH project is the pool of mathematical university teachers, trainers, lecturers, and researchers from engineering undergraduate degrees, master degrees, or PhD level (including staff from project partners) who are interested in changing their teaching system in the mathematical teaching/learning field. Including who would like to enhance their mathematical competencies using the most advanced e-learning tools, digital assessment, study materials, and courses.
(2) Secondary target group is that of students from engineering undergraduate degrees, master degrees or PhD programmes. They will have access to the assessment materials (new competencies-based resources) that will improve their learning method making themselves the responsible of the acquisition of competencies and knowledge.

As the results of the RULES_MATH project will be available as OER, this can ensure the exchange of experiences and ideas, possibilities and resources for work development, research work, etc. Targeted sectors are research training organizations, university enterprise training partners, research centres and scientific institutes. Training organizations, schools and university training organizations could also be beneficiaries. Potential final users are also private individuals as home self-learners, interested in self education who, for personal reasons, may not normally engage with formal education, including disabled people and people perceiving discrimination due to social and gender stereotypes.

The RULES_MATH project will focus on mathematical competencies and not just on the mathematical contents which was the case in earlier times in other educational projects. Since mathematics lecturers are much more familiar with the content view (the mathematical structure) it is a major challenge for them to deal with competencies-oriented assessment goals. This project may provide material for supporting them in this respect. Furthermore, the development of a new mathematical approach is being demanded by engineering and science trainers to motivate students, and also for students to be motivated with mathematics learning.