As we all know, Mathematics is an essential part of any engineering degrees and it is a tool that engineers still use throughout his or her life. It is therefore important that this knowledge and competencies are properly seated. Thinking about this, we proposed the ‘New Rules for assessing Mathematical Competencies’ project to change the educational paradigm and to get a common European teaching and learning system based on competencies rather than contents.

As a way to integrate good practices and innovative methods, the RULES_MATH project brings together partners from 8 European higher education institutions and one research institute, from eight different countries. We have established a working group composed of senior teachers with long experience in teaching mathematics, projects management, or international research, as well as of newer, younger teachers and workers: Daniela R. and Daniela V., from the University of Technology in Bratislava; Fatih from Gazi University; Marie from the Czech Technical University in Prague; Snezhana from Plovdiv University; Luis, Agustín and Víctor from the Spanish National Research Council; Deolinda and Cristina from the Coimbra Institute of Engineering; Michael from the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ion from the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, and the team from the University of Salamanca: Ascensión, Juanjo, Chus, Jesús, Ángel, Jose, María José, Gerardo, and Araceli.

The RULES_MATH working group will work together in a competencies-based environment to get new rules for assessment, to support students, teachers, trainers, and educational staff in improving the use of ICT-based resources for teaching and learning mathematical competencies in engineering environments. The methodology of this project will be according to a high quality management plan, applied to project deliverables and project work processes.

Let’s go, let’s start thinking, reasoning, modelling, representing, communicating, and whatever you want in, with, and about maths.